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Cymtv releases the Android 64-bit version of it's Virtual CDN

The history of 64-bit computing istarted in the mid 1970s m, when companies like Cray started using 64-bit registers in their systems. Only in the 1990'S 64-bit computing started tpo grow in the market, with the R4000 from MIPS, the Alpha processor from DEC, Intel and Sun. In 2003 AMD released a 64-bit PC processor that was compatible with Intel’s 32-bit x86 processors,  starting the age of 64-bit computing. These new processors are faster , more energy efficient and open up software to a whole range of new possibilities. ( The Android Authority ).

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StreamUnlimited is a virtual CDN service, that saves up to 90% of bandwith compared to normal CDN services   The technology is based on P2P technology; users share (upstream) bandwidth with their closest and most convenient concurrent user (the other “PEER” ). The more users, the more bandwidth to share. This P2P principle has huge advantages regarding capacity and costs, which is getting very relevant in case of e.g. live events.   - Efficient use of bandwidth capacity, based on P2P technology

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