Cymtv releases the Android 64-bit version of it's Virtual CDN

The history of 64-bit computing istarted in the mid 1970s m, when companies like Cray started using 64-bit registers in their systems. Only in the 1990'S 64-bit computing started tpo grow in the market, with the R4000 from MIPS, the Alpha processor from DEC, Intel and Sun. In 2003 AMD released a 64-bit PC processor that was compatible with Intel’s 32-bit x86 processors,  starting the age of 64-bit computing. These new processors are faster , more energy efficient and open up software to a whole range of new possibilities. ( The Android Authority ).

As many device manufacturers release their new devices with 64-bit, also CYMTV has updated it's virtual CDN service StreamUnlimited, with an Android 64-bit release.

The new demo version is available from the Google Play store, at

For any further info, contact Ron van Herk at

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