CYMTV and nablet to deliver P2P transcoding and streaming head-end

  CYMTV B.V. and Nablet GmbH have made an agreement to jointly deliver a transcoding and streaming head-end for CYMTV’s P2P-based streaming solution.

The agreement includes the development of a live transcoder with an output format that has been optimized for CYMTV’s P2P streaming solution for PC clients, set-top boxes and mobile devices.

nablet´s CYMTV transcoder takes live IP streams as input and converts them to configurable formats and bitrate streams.

The CYMTV transcoder can also be applied to other, non-CYMTV streaming solutions like LAN-based streaming, CDN’s, etc.  
Ron van Herk, CEO of CYMTV B.V.: “The development of the live channels transcoder completes our end-to-end IPTV product on a very professional level. The nablet solution adds a reliable channel feed to our innovative streaming solution, which can save up to 90% of all bandwidth costs.”

Muzaffer Beygirci, CEO at Nablet: “We have been working hard to deliver a highly optimized transcoder for CYMTV´s streaming solution. Finally, our codec-vendor independant transcoder delivers high quality video at a minimum bitrate. Together with the P2P technology from CYMTV we provide a highly reliable solution to stream content”.  

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CYMTV signs Hanelcom deal to create IPTV service in Vietnam

  Netherlands-based CYMTV B.V. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vietnam’s Hanelcom to jointly build a new IP-based television service for Vietnam.     The new service will be called “HanelTV” and will become available for TV (using the new Hanel set-top box), PC, Smartphone and Tablet.     The main technology used will be CYMTV’s private cloud streaming product, which ensures high-quality video content to be securely streamed over the open internet.     HanelTV will offer live channels in SD and HD quality, as well as on-demand video, news and information services, games, karaoke, a community portal and more. The service will even offer 3D content.     In addition, HanelTV will also be available for Vietnamese living outside of Vietnam.  

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