Cybermedia Television delivers live game streaming for the Colorado Blizzards, a team in the Premiere Arena Soccer League.

On December 16, 2017 Cybermedia Television ( CYMTV ) streamed the season opening game of the Colorado Blizzards . CYMTV ingested two live feeds from the Colisseum Arena in Denver, one in Spanish and one in English, in their our own datacenter in the Netherlands, from where they were re-published to three platforms: - The Colorado Blizzard Facebook page. where the English live game feed was send to - The website of (NBC channel in Colorado)

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CYMTV launches GDPR service for it's OTT TV customers

The General Data Protection Regulation has become a pressing issue for most companies, as we are less than a 9 months from the 25th May 2018 deadline, when the regulation comes into force in the EU. CYMTV has initiated a steering group that works together with the CYMTV customers on the different aspects of the GDPR .

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CYMTV launches Smart TV Stick : Pluggy

  Cybermedia Television has announced that it is now the official provider of Turkish, Vietnamese and Indian TV channels as well as a selection of SPI’s channels (including FightBox, FashionBox and more).   The channels are delivered to end users by CYMTV’s subsidiary Mobile Vision, by means of an app for Android devices, and using StreamUnlimited , a Cloud Streaming technology is said to save up to 90% on bandwidth.   Pluggy is CYMTV’s hardware upgrade for non-Smart TVs, in order to provide them with Internet access. Running on the Android operating system, CYMTV said it was a simple-to-use dongle that plugs into an HDMI socket. It can be operated by the user’s mobile phone acting as a remote control. Pluggy offers extra options for collecting metadata and monetising content, as well as advertising.  

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