Amiga 30 years

Amiga 30 Years


To celebrate the Amiga’s 30th anniversary, an event was organized in Amsterdam on june 27th 2015,

Inviting all Amiga enthusiasts to come to Amsterdam and celebrate the anniversary in the company of some

of the original Amiga soft- and hardware designers.


CYMTV supplier the LIVE stream from the event, to provide all footage to the majority of Amiga users, who

could not make it to Amsterdam.


The LIVE signal was both captured (and recorded in 720P) as well as broadcasted, through a dedicated

10 mbit/s WiFi signal. The signal was streamed to CYMTV’s Rotterdam datacentre where it was ingested by a

Wowza server. The Wowza server streams to the CYMTV “Active Cloud Streaming” servers from where the stream

Is distributed to a webpage (for browser playback) and an Android app which was made available to  all interested viewers.