Ron van Herk


Ron worked as CTO and CEO for AHT International, as Benelux sales manager for TechniSat GmbH and SAB Satellite. Ron was also active in management of Genesi Sarl, where he was responsible for managing the various development teams as well as for product distribution. Ron was active as entrepreneur since 1988 (started at the age of 18) and as founder of Computer City, a small Dutch retail chain store for computer electronics and mail order company. All current CYMTV products, both software and hardware, were designed by Ron.


Marc Van Steyvoort

Managing Partner, VP Content, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

With close to 25 years of experience as executive in media and telecom and entrepreneur involved in over 15 startups, Marc has been internationally active on the crossroads of media, technology, business development, strategy and operations. Marc’s management experience extends to companies like Alcatel-Lucent, SBS Broadcasting, Nokia, Microsoft and T-Mobile. 


Jo Spalburg

Head of Carribean activities

Jo has gained more than 30 years of international experience working for both public and private sector companies, while based in nine different counties on 3 different continents (Europe, the Americas and Southern Africa).

Jo is expert in travel and tourism media in LATAM and the Caribbean.